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“Get higher closing rates and meet local agents”

Since 2000 we have been in the lead generation business generating thousands of leads for real estate agents and mortgage brokers. We are an award winning web design real estate marketing business that focus on results.

We own 1,000’s of real estate websites and domains that are local focused and designed to close more sales for real estate agents and to enable mortgage officers to establish more agent relationships and generate more mortgage business.

Mortgage Lead Program – Features and Benefits

  1. Local Mortgage Leads  – Higher Closing rate with local leads for opportunity to meet the customer in person. Home buyers love doing business locally!
  2. Meet Local Agents – Meet more local agents for more business. – with a focus on local leads you have more opportunities to meet more local agents. Agents love doing business locally!
  3. No long term commitment – Our mortgage lead program is simple with no long term commitment..
  4. Guaranteed Leads – All leads are guaranteed to have real contact information. Either an email address, phone number or both.
  5. Lead shared with no more two – Higher closing rate and reduced costs of leads.

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Mortgage Leads FAQ’s

What information do you provide?

We provide name, questions/comments, email and/or phone. We guarantee real contact information.

Why don’t you provide more information?

We find that most people do not want to provide more information until they know who they are going to speak with. Also, asking more information and passing it on could cause red flags with the CFPB.

Do you provide exclusive leads?

No, we do not provide exclusive leads. Providing exclusive leads could cause red flags with the CFPB. Being realistic, no lead is really exclusive as most consumers will check other mortgage companies for rates and programs. With us providing other mortgage company options we can reduce lead costs.

How many mortgage companies receive the same lead?

We will provide the consumer with up to two other mortgage companies to acquire rates and programs.

How much are mortgage leads?

Availability is limited as we have niche focused markets and no more than three mortgage companies receiving leads. Reserve your area before it is assigned to other mortgage companies. Contact us with current availability and rates. You may call 800-515-6610.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, we have a guarantee. We guarantee each lead will have real contact information. If you have a lead that has all fake information simple return the lead and we will provide a replacement.

How are lead payments processed?

We accept all credit cards. We sell leads in blocks of 25. After you receive 25 leads you decide whether or not if you want to continue. Keep in mind if you do not renew for your area there maybe another mortgage company to take your place.

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